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During the early time of greek history as shown in the odyssey greek agriculture and diet was based on cereals sitos though usually translated as wheat could in fact designate any type of cereal grainin reality 90 of cereal production was barley citation needed even if the ancients were aware of the better nutritional value of wheat the growing of barley was less demanding and get this from a library ancient greek agriculture an introduction signe isager jens erik skydsgaard scholars have long believed agriculture to be the main economic base of ancient greece and until now this view remained uncontested ancient greek agriculture examines the art of cultivation the the initial focus of ancient greek agriculture is firmly on the art of agriculture proper the tools and the technique the plants cultivated and the animals reared thereafter isager and skydsgaard focus on the position of agriculture in the society of gods and men in the greek city states the agriculture was the main form of livelihood in ancient greece and was highly praised by contemporary greek writers nevertheless there has been no detailed study on the topic to this day this book gives an introduction to ancient greek agriculture in the broadest sense of the word the initial focus is firmly on the art of agriculture proper the tools and the technique the plants the concept of this book originated some years ago in a scandinavian symposium on ancient history it was obvious that agriculture played an important role in the history of ancient greece and that there was need of a textbook that could serve as an introduction

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